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Our 4th time at the Annual Boston International Fine Art Show at Cyclorama from October 22-25th: Saint Petersburg's Portrait Painter Sergei Danilin

Date: 10/22/2015 14:53

From Russia with Art Gallery invites you to visit our display of Russian paintings and etchings at the 19th Annual Boston International Fine Art Show at Cyclorama, from October 22nd (Gala Preview) -October 25th.

This year we are proud to present portraits by Sergei Danilin, from St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, a renowned artist in Russia, Europe and USA. Exceptional portraits by the Artist combine a masterful technique, the strength of classical form and balance, a rich use of color and a driving quest to reveal what he calls "The essence of the human soul."

      In Europe, Sergei is mostly known for his historical paintings and portraits. In America, he lauded as an individual and family portrait artist. Many of his clients have invited him to paint in their homes, in order to fully understand and capture the essence of their family and its surroundings. In these works the viewer can observe the masterfully captured beauty and complexity of human relationships. In the New England, Danilin is well known by people who cherish and appreciate exceptional art. Families who own and have commissioned his work are some of the best known collectors in the world. The portraits by Sergei Danilin will shine at the 19th BIFAS, which is New England's premier show and sale of historic, modern and contemporary fine art. Please contact the Gallery which officially represents the artist at fromrussiawithart@gmail.com and by the phone 617-714 3055 to obtain more information and/or commission individual of family portraits.

 Amazing, extraordinary detailed etchings by People's Artist of Russia Stanislav Nikireyev ( 1932-2007) and Honored Artist of Russia Alexander Vetrov are also on display for sale. The Cyclorama Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont Street, Boston, Booth #5. Open on Friday from 1-8PM, Saturday 11-8PM and Sunday 11-5PM. Complimentary readmission with the Gala preview ticket (on Thursday October 22nd from 5 30-8 30 PM.)

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