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Maria Bablyak exhibition with reception on Saturday November 21st f

Date: 11/12/2015 18:02

"Out of the Blue with a Golden Drop:" Maria Bablyak exhibition with reception on Saturday November 21st from 3-6 PM at From Russia With Art &Wearable Art by Rimma Holiday exhibit in Newton Center

​     Our Holiday exhibition at the new, very convenient gallery location in Piccadilly Sq. of Newton Center ( 63A Union street, open daily from 10-6PM) continues with a great collection of abstract acrylic and oil paintings by young, talented and internationally acclaimed artist from St. Petersburg Maria Bablyak  "Out of the Blue with a Golden Touch." On view at the gallery from Nov. 21-Dec.7th, with an Artist opening reception on Saturday November 21st from 3-6 PM.
    Being educated at the prestigious Baron Steiglitz State Academy of Art and Design,in 2003 Maria received a major international art


at the Contemporary Art Biennale in Florence, Italy:Lorenzo il Magnifico Medal in Painting category.

St. Petersburg's cityscape etchings by an artist Irina Pisarenko, Maria's mother, are also on display for sale.

Maria Bablyak "Winter Street" Acrylic on canvas, 18" x24"

                                        Here is what Artist says about her "Blue Period" collection:


      “Often in life things happen by chance -- OUT OF THE BLUE, seemingly unconnected. Yet, looking back at events, at certain times, it's possible to recognize reasons and see the chain of connections. Once, I looked at the body of my work and realized that in many paintings the color BLUE was prevalent. It wasn't any deliberate attempt to have BLUE dominate my work, but something was making me use that particular color a lot. I also noticed that after years of painting in realistic and impressionistic styles I began broadening my work into an experimental/abstract direction. I collected those paintings and called them my "BLUE PERIOD", which I am presenting at this show.

       Why "BLUE PERIOD," paintings and etchings together? Out of the blue? Perhaps, but Irina Pisarenko's enchanting etchings depict St. Petersburg, Russia, one of the most romantic and mysterious cities in the world and the color BLUE has always been associated with mystery, and invitation to revery, which is very much a character of St. Petersburg. And how romantic are the famous "white nights" in a city in the month of June, when the soft BLUE of twilight wraps you gently all night long.     BLUE does not shock, offend or disgust. It represents peace, spirituality and beauty in Western art throughout history. Among other things, the color BLUE brings images of water to mind; and water symbolizes birth, renewal, change. BLUE can also represent cold, shadow and depression, "OUT OF THE BLUE WITH A GOLDEN DROP" can be seen as overcoming those conditions, where the golden drop is a warm color, the sun, the light.”

     Currently on view at the gallery: Oil paintings by Ukrainian-American impressionist Anatoly Dverin, the Signature member of OPA. On Nov 27-29th Thanksgiving Holiday sale will take place at the gallery, with handmade jewelry and accessories by Bostonian fashion designer Rimma Zaika, gifts, prints, animal dry points and mixed media by Misha Lenn. Please refer to www.fromrussiawithart.org for more information and List of events at the Holiday exhibit.

      Happy Holidays, dear friends! See you soon!

Olesya & Jerry Koenig


​63A Union Street, Newton MA 02459​

Tel. (​857) 756 8185

Open daily from 10-6PM, till December 31st​


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