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Art Show at the Museum of Russian Art Two Generations of Artists

Date: 06/14/2013 22:26

'Figures. Relationship' is an exhibit by Elena Kruchkova and Boris Kuznetsov.

'Kaleidoscope: Distant Reflections' is a solo exhibit by Sasha Kuznetsov.


Reception with Live music.- Friday, June 14th, 5:00 p.m. -9:00 p.m.


Contact: 914-772-6919

Elena Kruchkova and Boris Kuznetsov, a wife and  a husband team, are both artists with a classical European and American artistic education and background, studied art in Mukhina Art Academy (St Petersburg) and in the School of Visual Arts (New York City). They met in 1982, got married in 1987 and have three children.


Elena Kruchkova's work is very emotionally charged, her goal is to have every painting convey both a pure and joyful sense. Her major influences are Matisse, Klee and Calder. Her art is very dynamic, object descriptive yet imaginary and mysterious. The batik paintings in the show display Elena's fascination with the extraordinary qualities which pertain specifically to painting on silk: fluidity, translucency and vibrancy.


Works of Elena Kruchkova are in private collections in US, Russia and Germany




Boris Kuznetsov

is experimenting with styles which go back to the turn of 20th century art. His paintings are more about structure and geometry, color distortion and graphic balance. Marino Marini, Andre Lhote (Ihote)and Raoul Dufy are the names which the artist most closely associates with. The current exhibit represents his search of abstract in nature, a step of departure from reality into a dream of nonobjective and imagery, balanced with classic composition and aesthetics. Works of Boris Kuznetsov are in private collections in US, Russia and Germany.


Sasha Kuznetsov

is a New York-based artist who graduated from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. The exhibit features a comprehensive series of the artist's recent oil paintings, ranging from mythological interpretations to pure abstractions. The entirety of the show focuses on the theme of the Kaleidoscope: a relatively modern concept whose etymology derives from ancient Greece (literally translating as observer of beautiful forms). The etymology of the object, as well as its function (rotating a set of infinitely reflecting constants/beads in order to arrive at a visually pleasing yet unexpected image) communicate Sasha's artistic process; his relationship to creating. 


In his explorations of mythology Sasha treats the traditional legends and texts as if they were the beads of a Kaleidoscope, meant to be tampered with and reconsidered from different angles: the conventional roles of monsters and heroes in his paintings therefore attain an air of ambiguity; their agency is reflected upon from a modern standpoint and is questioned. The pieces without a specific narrative to them meanwhile also refer back to the Kaleidoscope, but in a different way- the play of light within a Kaleidoscope and its refracting mirrors yield atmospheric and geometric landscape abstractions, seemingly uninhabited, yet alive and pulsating


Lena, Boris and Sasha founded Art Studio 5005 which offers art classes and workshops for children, teens and adults. They work with children and adults of all ages and all levels in NY/NJ/CT.


RSVP: (914)772-6919 




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