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Full-Rigged Ship Pallada coming to San Francisco Bay

Date: 08/17/2011 01:55

The Pallada Reaches Kodiak for Celebration of 270th Anniversary of Russia’s Discovery of Alaska
 Jul 22, 2011

On July 18, the Russian sailing ship The Pallada, which is now on a four-month round-the-world journey, reached the shores of North America, Voice of Russia reports. The journey is devoted to two events – 50 years since Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space and 270 years since the discovery of the so-called Russian America by Russian seafarers. The name Russian America is referred to the lands in the North America, which Russians discovered and explored in mid 17th century – namely, Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

The Pallada started its journey from the port of its registration, Vladivostok, on July 1. There are over 120 cadets from the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Maritime Region on board. For this journey, the best of the best cadets were chosen. On Wednesday, The Pallada will enter the port of Kodiak – the capital of Russian America. This city was founded by Russians in 1784. After staying for three days in Kodiak, the vessel will sail to the port of Sitka.

Anna Pareychuk from the Far East Fishery University says: “This journey has two aims. First, sailing in the open sea is good training for the cadets. The second aim is to popularize Russia’s achievements in space – and the history of Russian explorations of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. In the American ports, The Pallada’s crew will visit places connected with Russian explorers of the past centuries and lay wreaths on their tombs.”

This expedition, the Pallada will visit US, Canadian and Japanese ports. “The cadets have prepared a whole range of cultural events for meetings with local residents. Residents of the port cities will be allowed to come on board the ship. In some ports, visits of the city fathers are expected. In Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, the Pallada will be met by members of ‘The Russian Club’ – Americans of Russian origin. They always visit our ship when we stop in these cities,” explains Pareychuk.

Russkiy Mir Foundation Information Service

Friday, August 19 to Tuesday August 22

Russian 356-foot Full-RiggedTall Ship “Pallada” will visit the Bay Area and will be making it's "Grand Entrance" at the Golden Gate at 10am on August 19.   Currently it is planned to allow the public on board for tours during her stay. A working vessel, she is a 3 masted sailing ship with a rich tradition. Check it out (in Russian) now if you like http://navalbro.livejournal.com/87197.html . It will leave Seattle, WA after a stay of Aug 9-13, arrive SFO as outlined above, with likely public access for tours being 11A-5P on Sat, Sun, Monday (this is yet, unconfirmed information, so don't hold us to this). . She will leave for Los Angeles for stay there Aug 29 to 9-11 in case you miss her visit here.

ALSO THIS MONTH, Please note special performances:

AUGUST 20-21 at the Cotati Accordian Festival a multi-cultural musical extravaganza 

featuring special performances by Limpopo

Those of you who enjoy their music and energy each year at the annual Russian Festival at the Russian Center will not want to miss their special performances at the Cotati Accordian Festival.

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