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Date: 05/02/2011 22:21

Photo exhibition “Yuri Gagarin: first Man in Space” in the UN April 7, 2011

“50 years have passed since that amazing voyage, but the LEGEND of Gagarin’s outrage and journey continues to be a source of Inspiration for nations around the World”, stated Mr. Kiyo Akasaka, Under Secretary General for Communication and Public Information, at the opening of the photo exhibit at UN Headquarters in New York.
“The Columbus of the Cosmos” Gagarin was also the FIRST human to orbit the Earth. The historical flight lasted 108 minutes.

During Special session on April 7, the Assembly adopted a Resolution declaring 12 April as the “International Day of Human Space Flight”. President of GA Mr. Joseph Deiss said the Day “also provide an opportunity led to developments in areas such as meteorology, satellite navigation, agriculture, telecommunication, biology, physic”.
Ambassador Vitaly Churkin addressed message from President of Russian Federation Mr. Dmitry Medvedev.

It was discussion “Prospects of international cooperation in outer space”, led by Ambassador Vitaly Churkin; Director of the office for Outer Space Affairs Nazlan Othman and Astronaut Oleg Kotov. Mr. Kotov is 100th Russian Cosmonaut, 452nd world and ISS crewmember with S. Noguchi /JAXA/ and TJ Creamer /NASA/. Graduated from Military Medical Academy in 1988, St. Petersburg, Russia. High professional Professors and Scientists S.Novikov, I.Kolosov, V.Cheprasov, A.Bochenkov, S. Lustin, E.Lavrinenko, A.Voitenko… with technical Staff provide an excellent education and training in areas Research, Health and Psychology. We can see the Result.

World celebrates historical day for Humankind as Yuri’s Night with events. Star City and NASA hosts the biggest Yuri’s Night events. Big day is in Kazakhstan where Gagarin landed by parachute.
In 2011, April 12 corresponds with another milestone, the 30th anniversary of the first NASA shuttle flight. Mercury Astronaut Alan Shepard became the First American in space on May 5, 1961. Since 1993 the US and Russia have worked together on a number of other space flight projects.

“Thanks to the pioneering work of Cosmonauts, Astronauts and international cooperation to increase benefit from space science applications for the Well Being of Humanity and Development”.

Noema Chaplin/Biruleva

CEO Military Medical Academy, 10 years
Political and Economic Scientist
E-mail: ernoch@scientist.com, noemachaplin@yahoo.com
New York, 2011

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