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This was now day 4 without power, water or heat

Date: 11/24/2012 02:09

Written on November 9, 2012

I sure am glad someone found time energy and resources to make this film (thank you Roman Cojeco for sharing).  

On November 1st, similarly as is illustrated in this video, those were the conditions that I found at Warbass complex (5 buildings with 3 elevator banks in each or 15 separate building addresses - 23 stories each). Residents who stayed behind, willingly or unwillingly were neglected and left on their own to survive or die. This was now day 4 without power, water or heat. Initial canvass on Friday morning, November 2nd produced astonishing results; close to 600 seniors were trapped (who opened the door to us). It is unclear how many did not open their doors, rough estimate approximately same number. We also swept (canvassed) Trump, which by then already had power back on and most were doing alright.

As of Saturday, November 3rd, we had assembled an evacuation list of 55 people who expressed interest to get out with professional assistance. How many we evacuated..?! Not a single one... Due to lack of resources. Many however, left by EMS, through our encouragement. 

People ought to take responsibility here - this is border line criminal - if not outright... I had no Red Cross, FEMA or the National Guard to this day provide any resources or assistance. (Except, 5 boxes of "Bath" Blankets that the national guard brought me this Wednesday, which was the first time I saw them, I believe by efforts of Congressman Nadler who visited me.  "Bath" Blankets... It was 26 degrees couple of nights ago... 

I have operated on approximately 95% private donations to provide basic needs such as food water and other necessary supplies.

The other 5% would account for some MREs that we got and the blankets.

Further, I believe there should be a committee of major Jewish organizations assembled to investigate the response to this disaster at all levels, and provide a blueprint for central body coordination to respond, when the disaster will strike again, which in my opinion, is simply inevitable.

Thank you all for everything that you do. This is a major wake up call. Many were clearly sleeping behind the wheel here.  

P.S. People survived Holocaust, but possibly lost their lives in 2012 in NYC in their homes. We will learn more as conditions will improve and normalize, and more people will return to their apartments. 


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