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Неделя Русского Наследия

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Date: 12/19/2012 02:10

The pre-New Year’s season in New York- this is always a festive occasion. Many people also call it the `season of gift giving` because charitable events follow one after the other.

The concert of Maxim Mogilevsky and Sergey Antonov in the chamber environment of the palatial Consul General of the Russian Federation in New York undoubtedly is one of the distinguished of this season. In the arrangement for cello and piano is performed the composition of Sergei Rachmaninoff, a name which means so much both for Russia and America. Funds received from the sale of tickets and donations are going towards supporting those living with multiple sclerosis living in Russia and to benefit those who suffered from hurricane Sandy, which recently swept across the East Coast of the United States.

Multiple sclerosis- it is one of the most severe illnesses of the central nervous system, suddenly striking young people between the ages of 12 to 35, most often young mothers. In the absence of timely diagnosis and treatment patients during the course of 2 to 3 years irreversibly lose physical capacity. Coordination is damaged, the ability of movement disappears, and vision is lost, as is sensation of the body. For now multiple sclerosis is incurable. However adequate modern medical support preserves a patient’s health for 20 or more years while a full social rehabilitation and adaptation is capable of returning them back into society as full-fledged members.

The huge work on the organization of medical and social help for those sick with this illness, as well as attracting the attention of society to the problems of patients, is conducted by the All-Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society (www.ms2002.ru), ARMSS, to which are directed the donations from the concert. Funds for victims of hurricane Sandy are transferred into the fund New York Cares (www.newyorkcares.org), the leading New York agency for the organization of help for those suffering from natural disasters.

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