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Dear friends of Fort Ross

Date: 05/30/2014 17:57



  In 1972 Highway 1 was relocated from its path inside the historic Fort compound. During this project the remains of a male of European origin was found in a grape-stake coffin. He was wearing a metal cross around his neck. The burial predates the 1817 creation of the Fort Ross cemetery. The Russian Orthodox Church reburied the remains with the cross in the cemetery, but took a mold of the cross before reburial. Fort Ross Conservancy now has available in our gift store a cross made from the 1970s replica and blessed at the chapel by Fr. Juvenal of Church of Our Lady of Kazan (ROCOR) San Francisco, CA. Prior to the blessing panikhida was served at the Fort Ross cemetery for the departed residents of Fort Ross.


 Fourth Annual Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific Region

We are very excited to announce that the Kashia Pomo Su Nu Nu Shinal dancers will be performing in three wonderful cities across Russia. Thirteen adults and six youth will be performing in Moscow at the Jewish Museum of Tolerance, in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, at the 4th Annual Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific Region, and in St Petersburg. Airfare is funded by Renova Group, their trip to Krasnoyarsk is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and the St Petersburg performance is supported by the US Consulate. It is remarkable that at this time of increased tension between our two countries, it is the Kashia's Su Nu Nu Shinal who are providing a diplomatic bridge between the Russian Federation and the United States.





Saturday, July 26th, 10 am- 5pm

Join us once again for our annual multicultural celebration of the Kashaya, Russian, Native Alaska and Ranch era people who make Fort Ross unique. Featuring costumed historical re-enactments, historic crafts, militia cannon firings, music & dance such as a balalaika ensemble and Alaska Native drumming, a multi-cultural food court, children's crafts and more, Fort Ross Festival is a wonderful celebration covering the breadth of historic Settlement Ross's multicultural community.

This year Fort Ross Festival will be a one day event and we'll have all performances in and around the compound -- no stage. We've got some great photos from our 2013 celebration and this year's stacking up to be just as much fun. If you'd like to volunteer at festival, email us at info@fortross.org.

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