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“Who needs Christ during Christmas?”

Date: 12/17/2013 19:27

Senator Andrew Lanza expressed outrage at a secular activist group, American Atheists, and its backers who took aim at the traditional purpose for the holiday season, asking in a new digital billboard in Time Square: “Who needs Christ during Christmas?” They answer the curiosity with a one word answer — “Nobody.”

The controversial activist group unveiled its latest anti-Christmas ad this week in Times Square along with a press release declaring that “Christmas is better without Christ.” The digital, lighted billboard measures 40 feet by 40 feet and the 15-second ad runs three times every hour. The group will also unveil three billboards with the same message at Penn Station.

Senator Lanza said, “Just as millions of Americans are preparing to celebrate Christmas, this intolerant and hateful group deliberately ridicules the solemn beliefs of millions of New Yorkers.”

“Not only do the people behind this group not believe in God but they obviously don’t believe in decency, civility and kindness to fellow human kind either. This is part of a continued “War on Christmas” and also upon the belief and value system of millions of Christian, Jewish and Muslim people who have faith in God. Religious persecution of the kind that similarly lead to the Holocaust began with  small evil baby steps of ridicule and hatred of the religious beliefs of others.”

Senator Lanza is calling upon all decent people to send a message, loud and clear, that there is no room in our society for religious hatred or persecution. Lanza has launched an online petition calling for the immediate withdrawal of this advertisement and a boycott of Times Square and those affiliated with intolerance of this kind. Senator Lanza is also calling for the revocation of the American Atheists’ 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status because he doesn’t believe that tax dollars should be used to spew religious hatred.

If you agree, sign Lanza’s new online petition which will be forwarded to the NYC Mayors Office, the NYC Council, the Attorney General’s office and the Times Square merchant community.

Don’t forget to find Senator Lanza on Facebook for important news and information.

Albany Address:
915 Legislative Office Building
Albany, New York 12247

District Address:
3845 Richmond Avenue, 2nd Floor
Staten Island, New York 10312

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