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Children are the flowers of life, dance is an expression of it!

Date: 06/27/2013 12:24

June, 27-30, 2013

Dance is a perfect opportunity to unveil themselves, their feelings, emotions, moods . Through dance, a child develops, learns to interact with their surroundings, using body language to tell wonderful stories, perhaps created by the child himself!

2013 will be its premiere and it will be very important for us! We hope that it will prosper in the future! Every child is unique, and the main task for each adult is to help this “Magnificent Flower“ to find ways to express themselves!

Upon entering the stage, of course, every child feels trepidation, but how amazing those long-awaited moments of happiness being on the stage! The difficulties of rehearsing left behind, and low and behold, a Miracle! You dance , forgetting about everything! Dissolving into the music and moving on ,even if not always a clearly worked out pattern , the Child creates ! And mainly the Soul , singing at the moment of dance ! At this very second something is born, something worth living , giving Love and Beauty to all the people!

The Purpose of our Festival is to unite these “ Singing Souls “ on the stage ! Enable the Child to share their experience and learn something new from interacting with each other . Variety of dance styles make it possible for the Child to broaden his outlook in the world of dance! Perhaps it will inspire him in the future to try new dance styles! And, who knows, maybe this “Magnificent Flower“ will grow to be a great dancer or choreographer with new impressions and ideas!

We are extremely grateful for the support of our friends, and the opportunity given to our children to participate in this festival FREE of charge!

Festival Schedule:

Thursday, June 27th

  • Arrival of Participants

Friday, June 28th

Saturday, June 29th

Sunday, June 30th

Festival Showcases at 6:00pm on Friday & Saturday 4:00pm on Sunday

Russian Center 2640 Sutter Street San Francisco , CA


Regular Tickets


Students and Seniors


For information, please call: (415) 609-5433

Free SAN FRANCISCO City tour for every participant

Parents, Teachers, Friends - Please, Welcome to join us! The City Tour price is $50 per person.

Food , Crafts , Raffles and Prizes at Russian Center of San Francisco

For information:
Please, click here to get all information & help with the organization of your trip

Please call (415) 609-5433 Email: Julia@balletsf.com Web: sfinspiration.org

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